Arrival at Schiphol:

We understand that you want to go to your destination as quick as possible after arriving at Schiphol airport. We have made this document to ensure a smooth and quick transition from airplane to taxi. In this document you will find our arrival protocol fully explained.


When booking a taxi we will always ask for your phone number, estimated arriving time provided by your airline and your flight number. With these details we are able to keep track of your flight making it possible to anticipate on possible delayed or sped up flights.

Pick up at the Departures 3.

When you  arrive at Schiphol you will be picked up at the Departures 3. Inside Schiphol you will have to follow the signs towards “Vertrek/departure”. You will be able to use the escalator or elevator to reach the upper level.

You will be picked up at the end of “vertrek/departures 3”. How to recognize this location:

  • When outside you will have a clear view of the Sheraton Hotel and the Schiphol tower.
  • The meeting point is across the crosswalk at the last sign of the outer-lane. You’ll be picked up at the sign.
  • Note: you can wait inside until we have arrived, you’ll be able to see the outer parking lane from inside.

Finally, we wish you a nice arrival and thank you for choosing Flyride.

schiphol arrival

When you are outside, you will see the Sheraton building in front of you.

Schiphol aankomst departures

schiphol arrival

We will waith for you at this sign. It is on the end of the Departure 3. Our busses are easy to recognize.

schiphol arrival