This is how it works.

Flyride works with a simple system e.g. put in your postal code and you’ll see the price
of the fare immediately. When you put in the details such as picking up time, date as well as the number of people travelling then Flyride will supply the appropriate vehicle e.g.

1-2 Persons will ride in a sedan,
2-4 persons in a stationwagon and
5-8 people in a van.

By standard we take 1 piece of luggage plus hand luggage per person. Should you for instance bring golfclubbags or anything else extra, please send us an e-mail and we’ll adjust the transport accordingly. Mail your Booking-ID to   including your specific wish(es) and we’ll provide transport meeting your requirements.

U have booked, what is next?

After having made a reservation you’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail which is linked to a bookings-Id which you can use for changes or cancellations. We plan all rides meticulously made possible due to the 10 hours booking regulation by Flyride. As soon as your booking’s been made, it will be processed to our agenda as we pre plan all our booked rides. Thanks to years of experience we can accommodate you with logical as well as an economic planning, thus enabling us to offer you a very fair price for transport.

We monitor the rides by checking the drivers whereabouts, delays and proper arrival times through the ETA (estimated time arrival) system which is a GPS system which has given us a large number of customers, which we would happily make you one of them.